• 25 February 2022

How to make the most for your business in China in 2022

How to make the most for your business in China in 2022

How to make the most for your business in China in 2022 530 380 Anchor

The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure to invite you to a webinar, ‘How to make the most for your business in China in 2022’. This webinar will take place on March 8, 2022, from 10h00 am to 11h00 am CET.

Strong and fast economic recovery reflected in the Chinese economic data in 2021 shows that the country continues to provide significant opportunities for Western brands, whether in eCommerce or sourcing and manufacturing. But the market dynamics are constantly evolving and it is not getting easier for international companies to engage with the world’s 2nd largest economy. How can European businesses make the most of the opportunities in 2022 and beyond?

If it was challenging for companies to enter and expand in China before, Covid-19 appears to have compounded the issue with all the travel restrictions. Post pandemic, digital service platforms appear perfectly placed to help businesses expand into new markets by offering virtual marketplaces and connecting clients with service providers. They allow for value to be created and exchanged quickly from remote locations across the globe.

Join the webinar to learn how other businesses are expanding in the Chinese markets, from setting up operations in Greater China to managing digital marketing campaigns and Due Diligence on Chinese suppliers. Come and learn the best practices as well as valuable lessons!

About the speaker

Ting Zhang is one of leading China business experts in the UK. In her previous consulting career, her clients included SMEs, FTSE100 corporates, as well as UK / European government agencies and financial institutions in the US. She was also a China Venture Partner for a leading European VC.

10h00-10h05: Introduction by Mrs. Gwenn Sonck, Executive Director, Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce
10h05-10h45: Presentation by Mrs. Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of Crayfish
10h45-11h00: Q&A Session

This event is free for non-members.

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